Sawo: Latest Features

Custom Fields

This article will help to add custom fields to your Sawo Project, one of the latest features released by Sawo.

This feature has infinite use cases such as avoiding creating multiple users, identifying users with unique values like name, phone number, roll number, username, etc, collecting data, and storing it in databases like MongoDB, SQL.

Now let's get started with creating a custom field(s) using Sawo.

6 Easy Steps

  1. Sign in to Sawo Dashboard
  2. Create a new project from the Projects tab. If you want to add this feature to an existing project then make sure that you are in the right project and move to the next step.
  3. Move to theForms & Fields tab.
  4. Under

    Add Custom Fields

Click Add Custom Field pic-1.png

  1. There will be a pop-up where you will be prompted to enter details like:

  2. Input Label (Unique)

  3. Input Type (Number/Text)
  4. Select Input Validation (Length/Regex)
  5. Add Custom Error Text (if required) pic-2.png
  6. After filling in the necessary fields the form will look something like this: pic-3.png 🥳🥳Hurrah you have successfully added the custom form field.


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